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Introducing Mertens Hoffman Ltd

For more than 40 years, Mertens Hoffman Ltd. has been conducting audits, studies, and large-scale surveys for governmental and municipal organizations.

The company’s most extensive project to date was The National Census project, involving more than 700,000 respondents and 1,200 field workers. To be completed in just eight months. This was a vast assignment with multiple challenges that called for an innovative data collection solution.

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100+ employees


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The challenge

  • Time was a critical factor in the National Census project. Inefficient days and long implementation processes hurt the company’s bottom line. Challenges such as limited operational insights, and inflexible platforms that do not enable easy edits, needed to be solved immediately. Real-time data and insights were crucial to best manage the massive workforce and tight schedule. Such information enabled swift decision-making.
  • Previous softwares required numerous integrations to properly access and visualize data on a large scale.
  • Such procedures took a lot of time and effort. So Mertens Hoffman opted for the only tool on the market which offers an all-in-one solution.

The solution

  • To complete the National Census project, Mertens Hoffman used Pristo. The robust app made fieldworker planning and data entry a breeze. Ensuring accessibility and efficiency for employees, no matter their tech skills.
  • The app is also available offline, an invaluable factor when it came to collecting data in remote areas.
  • Additionally, the platform's real-time reporting opened the door for managers at all levels to monitor progress by districts, cities, and population types. Making it easier to manage the large workforce and measure progress all while ensuring the project stayed on budget.

The outcome

Not only was the National Census project a success, but today Mertens Hoffman builds all their projects on Pristo. Today, Mertens Hoffman relies on Pristo for all their projects, totaling over +120 to date.

They streamline project management by centralizing all projects, customizing reports, applications, and data flow as needed. Additionally, in the majority of projects, they grant clients independent guest access to view performance data. Ensuring clients are always in the know and aware of project progression.

"Apart from being a one-stop-shop solution, their multi-channel data collection options and advanced reports have elevated our data collection workflow. And Pristo’s support team is great. No matter our questions, they’ve been quick to respond and very helpful. We’re very happy with this tool."

- Ilan Ben-Dor, CEO of Martens Hoffman

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