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Our aim is to help companies save time and conduct better research. No matter the project or scope, you shouldn’t have to look for a different solution every time a new assignment comes along. We give you all the tools you need to tackle every data collection project that comes your way. Why? Because we spent years working with different platforms for different projects, and we found it frustrating. Researching what’s best per project, learning how to use a new tool, and implementing it takes time. This frustration is what lead us to launch Pristo.

With pristo's web surveys tool, you are able to gather users' preferences and opinion for every purpose and analyze your data in minutes.

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We’d like to introduce you to the future of data collection and management

No matter your company size, whether you’re a scale-up, large corporation, or government organization, we’ve been helping people just like you develop forms and launch multiple research projects. No matter your research question and methodology, our all-in-one solution can cater to all of your needs and varying assignments. Because the right solution should adapt to your data collection projects, not force you to limit your research scope.

How can Pristo help my organization?

Data is the fuel that powers your organization forward. Whether you use it to optimize internal processes and services, to answer client questions, or conduct assignments you need a versatile tool that can easily adapt to each of your projects. Not a different tool per task or assignment. The right solution can save you time, money, and ensure more accurate results. All while giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

Our values

Customer focused

Our customers needs come first. You might have often heard this, but at Pristo, delivering more is part of our DNA. So whether that’s via our customer service or our product development, we aim to go above and beyond your expectations. Because without our customers, we can’t grow.

Product first

We want to build the best possible tool for our customers. Based on your needs and challenges, we further tweak our tool. That's why your feedback is valuable because our tool needs to help you gather the data you need, not make the process more difficult.

Speed & execution

You need a solution to your problem yesterday, not something that will be shipped in three weeks’ time. And although we pride ourselves in delivering quality, we also understand that the world moves fast. So speed is a core part of Pristo’s development, ensuring you get the solution you need ASAP.

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