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Pristo is a smart, user-friendly and amazingly versatile array of solutions that will allow you to gather data faster and easier than ever.
Through one smart interface, you will always have the big picture before you, which will allow you to make responsible and informed decisions.

How can Pristo benefit
my organization?

Today more than ever before,
data is the fuel that pushes your business forward.
Whether they are used to improve the quality of your service, identify hotspots to streamline production, field updates or track your workhours - the right data collection and analysis tools can make all the difference and give you a significant competitive edge in your industry.

Harness the power of automation to all your activities

We at Pristo have devoted all the knowledge we have accumulated over the years to develop a convenient and flexible solution. Pristo provides a comprehensive solution to all the data capture needs in your organization.
Build smart forms within minutes that comply with all of your digital devices, designate officials and define who will be exposed to which kind of information.
This is your opportunity to automate your information gathering processes and save time, money and human resources.

For accurate and efficient field inspections, for your current and ongoing safety management and to conduct surveys easier than ever before, we are here to make sure you will have all the relevant data at your disposal and allow you to share it across all you departments through one simple automated process. Just define your workflow, assign the relevant officials, choose the relevant data channels, and build the proper forms.
Pristo will just do all the rest.

Introduce your teams with the future of data management

For years, we have provided innovative and intuitive solutions for organization from multiple fields. From small ventures to giant corporations and government organizations, we have all the tech and knowledge required to answer all your needs.
Our experienced and skilled team will help you tailor our data capture tools to your exact requirements and your industry.
Start streamlining your entire business process today and contact the Pristo team.

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