Customized dashboards and reports

With pristo, your team will easily adjust to your new processes. Use our friendly and customizable interface to design your control dashboards and data reports to your industry, workflow, and requirements.
This will allow your team to start exactly where they left off with their old methods.

Offline forms

Pristo allows you to capture valuable data without any dependency on connectivity. With our dedicated app, you can easily build generic forms on a friendly drag-and-drop interface and use it from any device without any need for an active web connection. Wherever you are located and wherever you need it, you can gather your data in minutes.

Information flow process management

With Pristo you can easily manage your information flow process and make sure all your relevant officials are properly informed.
All the relevant information can be analyzed, processed, and delivered to dedicated personnel.
Assign officials, set levels of severity, and control every aspect of your workflow to make sure each official gets the information it requires and authorized to observe, and only this information.

Tasks and workflow management

Having a new system does not have to mean rebuilding your entire workflow.
With Pristo, you can load tasks and assign them to different employees, divide shifts, and manage the entire operational aspect of your project easily and faster than ever before.
The easy-to-use interface will allow you to inspect and reflect on the entire process from a wider perspective and take informed decisions.

Smart forms builder

Our forms builder is a flexible and easy-to-use platform designed to quickly and easily build smart forms that will suit any device and for multiple uses. Whether you require survey forms or inspection reports,
simply set your goals and start designing custom-made forms that will allow you to gather all the information in minutes.

On-field surveys

Surveys are a great tool for identifying significant trends in customers' ever-changing needs, quality of service challenges and learning how consumers choose to use your products and services.
When this information is gathered with faster and more effective tools, you are able to provide a solution to all the challenges that arise from the field in real time and continue to lead the competition.

Your team's most valuable tool

Pristo allows you to equip your teams with an easy-to-use and fast data collection tool. Our dedicated system allows you to load your sample plan, manage the division of labor efficiently between the various surveyors and their responsibilities and carry out the survey from anywhere and anytime using their personal digital devices or laptops.

Get all the information from the field with one click

With Pristo you can easily issue statistical reports precisely tailored to your project's requirements. A user-friendly dashboard will allow you to easily characterize the required reports and share them with all relevant parties remotely by digital means as simple as receiving mobile notifications.