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Skip logic

Improve the quality of your data collection process by showing or hiding certain form fields based on each respondent's previous answers.

Loop types

Simplify the process of crafting complex forms by effortlessly duplicating questions or sections of your form. All without the help of IT.

Multilingual forms

Create professional-looking forms with no coding using the online form builder. Then style your forms with your own logo, fonts, and colors.

End page

Effortlessly personalize the form's end page. Either redirect your users to an external URL of your choice, or display a "Thank you" message.

Stay updated

Get instant operational updates straight to your mobile phone with the Pristo native app. Stay informed with real-time notifications.

Working offline

Our app works seamlessly in low-connectivity areas, collecting and registering data to upload later once connectivity is available.

Advanced form features

Pristo's versatile features include GPS locations, signatures, audio recordings, and other unique data available with ease using our dynamic forms.

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