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Introducing Sigma 6

Founded in 2017, Sigma 6 was established to fulfill a market demand for high-quality data collection. With a dedicated team of 50 people, the company manages intricate projects for government and municipal clients.

Their strength? Providing meticulous data collection, powered by the latest tools to maintain data accuracy. They are dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality data, backed by strict quality controls to ensure accuracy and reliability.




Data Infrastructure and Analytics



The challenge

  • As an organization that manages the data collection process of multiple projects and companies, Sigma 6 struggled to quickly establish projects that also included an element of flexibility per assignment. Meaning the implementation process often took longer than desired.
  • Additionally, collecting data offline was always a problem. And given that Sigma 6 works with numerous field workers, not being able to easily collect offline data was a problem.
  • Lastly, Sigma 6 needed to be able to present data in real-time to its customers and managers. However, most solutions didn’t offer to show results until all the data was collected, which required a lot of resources. Thus slowing down the decision-making progress and making it difficult to adjust efforts based on respondents’ feedback.

The solution

  • To overcome these challenges, Sigma 6 implemented Pristo, which they had heard about through several clients. And this marked a turning point. 
  • Using Pristo, Sigma 6 was able to create complex surveys in just a few hours. From repeating sections to showing certain fields based on a user’s answer, Pristo simplifies the process of creating intricate forms. Once a form was live, collecting data offline became easy using the Mobile App.
  • And real-time reports became accessible, giving managers instant insights which helped guide their company choices.

The outcome

By implementing Pristo, Sigma 6 boosted its data collection operations. 

In fact, the company reduced development costs by 70% using Pristo. Moreover, they experienced a 25% increase in the number of employees per manager, as Pristo simplified the management of field workers.

But what do they love most about using Pristo? The level of customer service they receive. From simple questions to technical problems, Sigma 6 truly appreciates how quickly our customer success team gets back to them with detailed answers.

“Pristo is a convenient and flexible platform for carrying out data collection projects such as surveys and controls. However, the wow factor that makes us return to Pristo time and time again is the support the company provides us with. We know that every question or technical problem has a quick answer that allows us to provide our employees and customers with quick results.”

- Ori Ben Shahar, CEO of Sigma 6

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