Making the data collection process as efficient as possible

Pristo is the solution for all your data collection projects. Why? Because you can easily deploy forms and surveys, make changes to all aspects of a project in the blink of an eye, and get projects done on time and within budget. No coding required.

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It's never been easier to gather data

Start off quickly by choosing a template

Don’t start from scratch. Kick off your project using one of our templates.

Customize your form & workflows

Fine-tune your form until it matches your preferences. Then incorporate workflows to automate actions in response to particular scenarios. Guaranteeing that data and answers are seamlessly communicated to relevant departments.

Collect data

Time to start gathering data! Distribute your form online, call potential respondents, share your survey via SMS, or collect offline data using our mobile app.

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Goodbye fragmented and time-consuming data collection

Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to better manage all of your data collection projects. That’s why our solution includes multiple project essentials such as a dedicated mobile app for field workers, data reports, and tools to facilitate the organization process. Resulting in improved profitability and successful project completion.

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And hello rapid implementation, deployment, and data collection

Having to learn new software and delay a project due to implementation hiccups is frustrating. When a new project comes up, you need to be able to tackle it quickly. You want to get your survey or inspection procedures launched ASAP. Using Pristo, you can create on-brand and detailed forms in minutes. And, create multiple flows depending on a respondent’s answers and assign data collection tasks to specific workers. Then watch as results roll in, in real-time via ready-made reports.

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Stop wasting time generating reports

No more spending hours each week creating custom reports for different projects. Pristo does this for you in real-time. So save yourself the hassle and no need to create new reports for different clients each week. Your clients can see their results in real-time. And, also use that information to make quick but informed decisions and implement changes in your methodology or work processes to ensure a higher project success rate. Which will also lead to an increase in profitability.

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Why choose Pristo?

We offer one of the most advanced form builders on the market. That’s right. Our all-in-one data collection platform empowers you to build countless forms, numerous workflows, and build out multiple projects at the same time, for all purposes.

Build information flow processes for your web surveys
Easily integrate new data gathering tools for your phone surveys
Share your surveys via social media, SMS, or Email
Perform field inspections and safety audits easier than ever
Get your data running in minutes and enjoy real time insights
  • Stop wasting time working with multiple platforms for different projects
  • Develop complex projects and forms without needing to code
  • Conducting field inspections or safety audits just got easier
  • Create and launch a form within minutes
  • Share surveys via email, social media, or text
  • Know exactly what your team is doing and plan work more efficiently thanks to real-time insights
  • Easily combine offline and online data sources in one overview
Mobile responsive

You need to be able to gather data on the go. That’s why we created the Pristo Survey App and ensured that all data collection projects are mobile optimized.

Easy to use

You don’t want to spend hours learning how to use a new tool. Pristo offers extensive features via an interface. Saving you time and hassle during the implementation process.


You’re gathering lots of data. That information needs to remain confidential. That’s why security is a core part of Pristo and why we are ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified.

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