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Pristo enables you to create complex forms faster. From conditional formatting to repeating questions and entire sections, Pristo is the most advanced software for complex data collection projects. Discover below why thousands of users prefer Pristo over Google Forms

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Multiple pages
Multi language
Branding Removal
Design Customization
Mobile Responsiveness
Skip Logic
Mobile App (for iOS & Android)
Drag-and-Drop Form Building
Electronic Signatures
Free Account
Anonymous feedback
Form templates
Shifts Management
Dashboards and data reports
Survey questions library
Sampling items
Project's period
Storage (Files & GPS Data)
Entities Views
Two-factor authentication
Workers time clock
Mobile App
Dataset max items
Shifts Management
Guest access (reports and discussion)

Although both Pristo and Google Forms offer useful features such as free accounts, drag-and-drop form building, and conditional logic, Pristo is a better solution for Project Managers and large-scale research companies.

Here’s why:

Firstly, Pristo provides a versatile platform for data collection through web surveys, mobile apps, and more. Thus offering your company greater flexibility.

Additionally, Pristo boasts a more advanced form builder with features like chapters, pages, advanced skip logic, and customization options that Google Forms lacks.

Furthermore, Pristo offers a mobile App for iOS and Android and supports a variety of data input such as voice recordings, videos, and electronic signature capabilities—all features Google Forms lacks.

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Create online forms without any code

Stop asking IT for help anytime you need to change your form. Experience the simplicity of form building with our user-friendly platform. Craft and edit forms via a few clicks and intuitive drag-and-drop options. Eliminating the need for coding and complex workflow setups.

Stay informed with notifications

If a new task is assigned to you or the scope of a project changes, you will be immediately notified via notifications. So you don’t need to constantly refresh pages to stay on top of the latest developments.

Available on all devices

Whether you prefer Apple or Android, our app can be downloaded and used with ease. Because having to use a specific device is just another hassle in the data collection process that you don’t need.

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